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The Uses and Benefits of NZ Pine

Native to Mexico and California’s Central Coast, the New Zealand Pine (formally known as Pinus radiata) has spread to numerous parts of the world. Today it can be found in parts of Africa, Spain, Australia and Chile. It is cultivated widely in Australia, Spain and New Zealand. In New Zealand, the tree has become an important source of timber and makes up 89 percent of all plantation forests. The Radiata pine timber in NZ has numerous uses including building timber structures and furniture creation. 

About New Zealand Pine

In contrast to the native species, modern Radiata Pine trees are taller, straighter and much more suitable for commercial applications. This is as a result of years of scientific research aimed at breeding a better species than the native one. Today's NZ pine timber that is sourced from the tree is superior in quality and aesthetics. 


One of the biggest benefits of planting New Zealand pine is the fast rate of growth. By the time it is 3 to 4 years old, the average height is 5 meters. At 4 to 6 years of age, the height increases to 8 meters or more. The girth also expands rapidly with proper pruning. The New Zealand pine can grow to its full height of up to 60 meters within 40 years. This quick growth makes the tree ideal for commercial cultivation and for reforesting. It also makes cultivation sustainable since felled trees can be easily replaced.

In recent years, and thanks to research, Growth Factor (GF) seedlings have been used extensively. The result is trees of notably high quality. This includes increased strength, a straight and taller trunk and absence of excessive resin, which lowers wood quality. This has allowed the construction of superior wood structures that last longer and are stronger.


The above benefits of New Zealand Pine have led to various uses of the tree. The most common use is timber processing. Plantation forests of Radiata Pine are cultivated almost entirely for timber.

Timber processed from New Zealand pine is very high in quality. When used in furniture and wood structures, it provides a strong hold on nails and screws ensuring stability of your product. Any paint or stain applied on the timber catches on fast and lasts long without any degradation. Radiata pine timber is used extensively in boat building as well as in the construction of houses, beams and plywood.

Other applications of timber from New Zealand pine include flooring, fencing, and hardboard or soft board panels for making furniture. The tree itself can be used as a Christmas tree while the barks make for very beautiful potting.

The Best Radiata Pine Timber in New Zealand

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